The joy of music in your attraction

Turn any water park, splash pad, museum, and science centre into a multimedia play area that is fun and educational. Our hydraulophones are easy to play and have sufficient tonal range to play most children’s songs and popular melodies.

The instrument can be operated on a stand, mounted to the ground, or as a portable instrument.
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Redefining architectural design

Hydraulophones are transforming the way we see and interact with our environment. Whether it's an interactive sculpture, scientific exhibit, or public play area, we work with you to design a custom-made hydraulophone that fits.

Click below to read about the custom architectural installation at the Ontario Science Centre.
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Revolutionizing the art of music

The hydraulophone has been heard in concert halls around the world including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and other major venues in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Copenhagen, and Montreal.

The instrument provides the unique capability of polyphonic embouchure, where a player can dynamically "sculpt" each note by the shape and position of each finger on the water jets. The allows the hydraulist (hydraulophone performer) a great deal of expressivity that is not found in other instruments. The hydraulophone can be used in a wide range of musical genres as a solo instrument or as part of an ensemble.
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Learning with water

Kids learn best when they are engaged, and kids love to play with water. Hydraulophones are easy to play and are excellent teaching instruments for schools and music studios.

A young boy in a playground giggles when he discovers that a special water fountain he is playing with makes different sounds when he moves his fingers – like a keyboard. The boy is blind and he’s playing on something called a hydraulophone which is helping him learn more about the world around him. He's in the CNIB's (Canadian National Institute for the Blind) recently opened Outdoor Classroom in Calgary...
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Enhancing lives with water

Our hydraulophones are designed for therapeutic applications at home and in your studio. Music therapists use our hydraulophones to supplement their practice and to improve their clients' lives with the soothing elements of water and music.

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A few places you can play a hydraulophone


The world's largest hydraulophone is installed outside the Ontario Science Centre as its artistic centrepiece. It was selected from among more than 200 proposals from around the world for this project and draws in crowds year-round.

Listen to some of our hydraulophones being played.

See hydraulophones in performance, in waterparks, playgrounds, museums, and science centres. We create one-of-a-kind experiences for any setting.

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